Leading factors of the iW2E technology and impact of its innovative design

Types of waste treated in the same WTC, without mixing them: Biomass, MSW, Agricultural, Livestock, Slaughter house, e-Waste etc.

Continuous pre-treatment of waste, without thermal energy losses and heat and water reuse (hygienization).Separation, selection and recovery of recyclable materials (inert, metals and ferrous, recyclable plastics). Energy recovery option customized and independent by type of waste.

Reduction of the Landfilling Waste by up to 90%

Modular design. Adaptive capacity of GLOBAL plant for the treatment of new waste without new investments.

Obtaining of by-products with high added value: powered coal, Biogas, Syngas, ammonia, phosphorus, other.

First truly detoxification of the digestate though crystallization.

In order to valorize in a joint form all the before-mentioned categories of waste, three different processes have been integrated. The first one is an anaerobic digestion system for the transformation of biodegradable organic waste into biogas. The second one is a low-temperature pyrolysis (chemical) treatment for the valorisation of the non-recyclable plastic waste fraction and the third one is a torrefaction system which transforms the Biomass into Bio-charcoal pellets. The biogas together with pyrolysis gases will be used as fuel in an adapted co-generation engine.