Who We Are


iW2E.CO.ZA is the official website for Infinit W2E (Pty) Ltd, we are a South African based company that represents the African Waste to Energy business division of the Spanish engineering InfinitVE. It is focused on developing business opportunities and identifying potential new markets for the environmentally and financially sustainable waste to energy technology.

What is Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Waste to Energy technology? We like to call it the NEW RENEWABLE ENERGY. The concept is to manage waste in a way that we apply the 3R reduce-reuse-recycle and, what is left and would normally be dumped in landfills or incinerated, is then used to produce energy without damaging the environment in a facility that is self sustainable in all senses.

Mission of our Company

Our company’s mission is the development of the new markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond for the waste to energy technology. Due to the fact that the IW2E technology is fully adaptable in terms on input waste and output of energy, we can customize the waste management facilities to the particular demands of the region, municipality, city, town or village.  Moreover, we are, since we incorporated the company in late 2015, looking for opportunities to produce locally as much machinery as possible in order to lower our logistic costs and help the local communities with new employment.

We understand that technology can play a very important role in this purpose when well used and, besides, sustainable development is a goal we can achieve if we are able to guide our efforts to develop proposals which solve efficiently the problems we are currently facing.

At iW2E Pty we work intensely in this line, in order to develop and suggest eminently useful and effective solutions in the specific field of the waste and its treatment, with the aim of reaching the Global recovery.

Vision of our Company

Many years ago (1905 and 1915), Albert Einstein formulated the “magic” theory of relativity, incorporating concepts of quantum mechanics to the already known theories of Lorentz and Poincaré. . .


energy (of a body at rest) = (body mass) by the speed of light

Now we have wanted to pay a tribute to him and incorporate his spirit to the design of our plants. . .


Energy = (v)aluation and (r)recovery and (r)recycling

This is our tribute to the science, our inspiration’s engine and our indispensable work tool.